Top Quality Raw Materials

When buying a leather jacket, the
authenticity of the material is a major point in question. At Poshele, we
source the finest quality full grain leather for jackets. The rest of the
materials are also highly durable, including the lining and hardware used in
the jackets.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Check out a Poshele jacket closely, and you
will be awed by the meticulous details and fine stitching. All result from the
infallible craftsmanship that our skilled artisans exhibit in every piece. When
you invest in any of our jackets, you never have to worry about the usual
garment defects that mass produced jackets often have.

Fair Pricing

Poshele is a direct-to-consumer brand,
serving customers through an online portal. We eliminate the middleman by
manufacturing the jackets and selling them directly to the customers. As a
result, you can get a premium quality jacket at much more affordable rates than
what high end brands would quote for it.

Jackets that Fit Like a Glove

Every fashion savvy person needs a splendid
leather jacket and hopes that it would fit them perfectly. We realize that
sizes can vary widely and offer nine standard sizes. Our comprehensive size
chart lets you choose which size is right for you. Plus, you can get the jacket
tailored to your size with the made-to-measure option. 

Personalized for You

Wearing a completely customized jacket
feels ecstatic. Our design consultants guide the customers to choose each
element of the jacket, while our adept craftsmen ensure the end result is
nothing less than perfect. Your unique custom leather jacket will make you
stand out whenever you wear it!