Custom Leather Jackets

Design your custom leather jackets to add unique and impressive statement pieces to your wardrobe.


Endless Options for Customization

We have ample options in terms of material, lining, style, colors, hardware and details so that you get the creative freedom to design your custom leather jackets.

Leather Types

Choose from our wide range of great quality materials for the jacket and its lining. Go for a sheepskin, cowhide, or lambskin jacket or a stylish custom suede jacket as per your liking.


Want a specific shade of color for your custom leather jacket to match your persona? Choose from an endless variety of hues, such as blue, brown, green, or black.


We can create any type of women’s or men’s custom leather jackets, such as biker jackets, moto jackets, hooded jackets, bomber jackets, or cropped leather jackets.


Whether you are looking for a splendid custom printed leather jacket or a magnificent custom embroidered jacket to highlight your style, get it made from Poshele.

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About Custom Leather Jackets

There is no dearth of ready to wear leather jackets in the market. However, they can never come at par with custom leather jackets designed according to individual needs. A good quality customized jacket fits perfectly as it is made according to a person's specific measurements. As opposed to jackets purchased off-the-rack, custom leather jackets are an absolute choice to portray your personal style.

The choice of leather and lining material allows you to enjoy the right level of coziness and makes your jacket as soft and warm as you like. You get to pick from fine quality materials, such as cowhide, goatskin, sheepskin or lambskin. For lining, you can choose cotton, polyester, or nylon.

Quality construction of the jacket, such as the stitching and the tailored fit helps you stay comfortable no matter how long you need to wear the jacket. When you make your own leather jacket, the leather color, design detail, hardware and embellishments reveal your sense of fashion.

Durability is unquestioned in a customized leather jacket. It is made with top quality material, including premium leather, appropriate lining material, and quality hardware like buttons and zippers. Unlike mass produced jackets sold by fast fashion brands, a custom leather jacket is crafted by skilled artisans and lasts for a lifetime if maintained properly.

Poshele is a trustworthy name when it comes to men's or women's custom leather jackets. You can also get a stylish custom leather coat or any other type of jacket that you require.

Why Should You Get A Custom Made Leather Jacket?

One of the prime reasons to consider opting for custom leather jackets is that you get complete control over what you want to wear, whether it’s the raw material, lining, and other design elements. Every fashion conscious man or woman should have a custom jacket in their wardrobe that can be worn frequently and make a unique statement each time. Apart from that, here are the benefits you get:

You Get the Perfect Fit

Nothing feels better than custom fit leather jackets that allow you ample range of movement and looks fabulous. A tailored leather jacket is made with specific measurements, so it fits perfectly and contours your body shape.

Reflection of Your Style and Preferences

You can choose a leather jacket design and detail that resonates with your style. For instance, a custom biker jacket if you prefer edgy looks or custom trench coats for sophisticated looks.

Abundant Leather Color Choices

There are a whole lot of colorful jackets available off the rack, but you get to choose your preferred style and color together only with custom jackets. You can even design your own leather jacket with contrasting panels or prints in your favorite leather color.

Experience the Joy of a Personalized Gift

What could amaze a loved one more than a personalized leather jacket? You can customize a jacket with pictures, quotes, or the name of the person to whom you want to gift the jacket.

The Perfect Way to Showcase Brand Identity

Getting custom logo leather jackets for your employees and merchandising is one of the best practices for branding. Customized jackets give your workers a sense of belonging, boosting their efficiency.

Fulfilling Customization Process

The customization journey is thoroughly enjoyable, from the stage when you browse our portal and get in touch with our design consultants to the final step of getting your jacket at your doorstep. Our exquisite craftsmanship and commitment will make the process satisfying for you.

Design Your Own Jacket from Scratch

Pick a Suitable Material

To purchase customized leather jackets, you can choose materials that suit your needs. At Poshele, you can choose from premium quality cowhide, soft sheepskin or goatskin, suede, and other raw materials that are quite durable and warm. Go for the lining material of your choice, such as cotton or polyester.

Pick a Design That suit Your Style

Choose any style of leather jackets for men or leather jackets for women, such as a custom motorcycle jacket or custom bomber jacket.

Choose a Color That You Love

You can pick any color that you like and get your custom leather jacket made in the exact same shade.

for Desirable Details

You can pick multiple design elements for your jacket, such as the number and styles of pockets, contrast stitching, hardware, and embellishments like studs, spikes, pins, or embroidery.

The Bespoke Process at Poshele

We highly regard it when you put your trust in us and make sure that we prove ourselves to be the best custom leather jacket maker. You can choose your preferred style, get in touch with us via the form above, and discuss how you want to customize the jacket with our design consultant.

Once the design and details are finalized, you can send us your exact measurements. The representative will guide you through measuring yourself accurately to make sure the jacket would fit perfectly. Our skilled craftsmen then manufacture your custom leather jacket, using the material, lining, hardware, and design details of customers' choice. Before shipping, we share its images with you and send it for delivery after you approve of it.

In comparison to a jacket or coat purchased off-the-rack, a bespoke jacket will give you a better look and higher level of comfort that allows wearing it confidently. When you purchase a customized coat or jacket, the feeling of joy that you get is unmatched!


1. How Much Does a Custom Jacket Cost?

While the approximate cost of a custom made leather jacket may fall in the bracket of $225 - $300, it largely depends on the choice of material, details, hardware and the labor involved in the making.

2. Is It Worth Investing in a Custom Leather Jacket?

A custom leather jacket or coat is an excellent way to exhibit your sartorial sensibilities and is definitely worth having. The jacket lasts a long time in your wardrobe and is made with specified measurements giving you a perfect fit, which itself is an excellent reason to invest your money on it.

3. What is The Durability of a Custom Leather Jacket?

If top quality leather and sturdy lining material is used to make a leather jacket and all the details are also not of substandard quality, it can be highly durable. Another factor affecting life is keeping up with its maintenance.

4. How Does the Custom Process at Poshele Work?

The custom process begins when customers sends us a custom order request by filling the form on the website. Our design consultants reach out to a customer via email to understand the requirements and finalize a design. After the design is digitally created, our skilled craftsmen create the custom leather jacket or coat according to the choice of material, color, hardware, and design detail required by the customer.

5. Can You Wear a Custom Leather Jacket at the age of 50?

The leather jacket looks good on anyone of any age, whether in their 70s, 60s, or 50s. A custom jacket would look good on a person of any age as it is designed according to their unique style and stitched according to their specific measurements.

6. Are Custom Leather Jackets in Style?

Customized jackets make you look unparalleled and are currently on top of men’s and women’s fashion trends. We suggest getting a custom leather jacket with weather appropriate lining and in a color that complements clothing in your current wardrobe so that you can make it a part of your outfit quite often. Make sure you provide correct measurements so that your jacket fits you like a glove.