Privacy Policy

Just like our products and services, our privacy policy too abides by the ethical rules that we follow as a brand. Here is a brief roundup of how we collect information and use it.

  • Besides the data that is acquired via your IP address (about your operating system and browser), we gather the information that you provide us upon an inquiry, subscription, or making a purchase. This includes your name, email ID, address, contact information, and demographic data. It can also include information related to payment processing.
  • When you provide us with the information yourself, we consider it as consent on your part to use the information for the specified purpose.
  • We use cookies that get stored on your browser and help us identify your preferences and interests. Cookies help us create an enhanced future browsing experience for you (showing content that aligns with your preferences).
  • As a part of your browsing or purchasing, third parties too receive your data (which also includes data collected by third party payment gateways). Since we have no authority over third parties, we suggest you to go through their privacy policies to make sure your information stays protected with them.
  • All the data automatically received and provided by you stays confidential due to our high data protection standards. These include encryption of your data via. SSL, and not storing your data on the servers after you have completed the purchase.

Ways We Use Your Information

  • Adding your data to our internal record.
  • Personalizing your browsing experience.
  • To improve our customer interaction, products, services, and user experience on the website.
  • To complete the purchase by processing payment.
  • Sending you regular updates on special deals and discounts, contests, and promotions via email.
  • Providing you updates on new products.


  • We never share, sell or distribute your information apart from our highly trusted third parties.
  • As a part of brand evolution, our privacy policy may get updated in the future. We reserve the right to make alterations to it as required and suggest you to keep visiting this page to get informed.
For any questions, send us an email at