Modish Blue Leather Jacket Outfit Ideas for Women

Modish Blue Leather Jacket Outfit Ideas for Women

When choosing a leather jacket, most women play it safe and opt for a classic black or brown leather jacket. However, going for a color, we do not see that often, such as a blue leather jacket, is a sure-shot way to make you look apart from the rest, affirming your elevated fashion sense in front of everyone. If you are eying a fashionable leather jacket in an appealing shade of blue, we are bringing some voguish outfit ideas for you.  

How to Style a Blue Leather Jacket? 

A leather jacket in blue is highly appealing, having the potential to make heads turn wherever you wear it. With famous celebrities currently obsessed with jackets in brighter hues of blue, it also defines glamor and attractive appeal. 

Blue will easily pair with neutral colors, including black, brown, beige, and white. It also makes a striking combo with brighter hues of red, pink, green, and purple. Two different shades of blue also work together perfectly. If you think pairing a blue leather jacket is easier said than done, wait for the stylish pairing and outfit ideas we are about to suggest to you. 

What to Wear with a Blue Colored Jacket made of Leather? 

As the color blue comes under the category of classic colors, it is quite versatile. Hence, most clothing essentials in your existing wardrobe are expected to go well with your blue shaded jacket. Below, we are listing some classic staples that can go well with your leather jacket in blue. 

Tops, Shirts, Knitwear 

One of the no-fail pairings for a splendid navy leather jacket is to layer it over a black or white dress shirt. Try a long shirt dress in black for this look. Or, you can match a light blue dress shirt under it with black leggings.

A navy leather jacket is best paired with a pink sweatshirt or a cropped t-shirt.  

If you have a blue collarless leather jacket, use it on top of a beige ribbed turtleneck and bootleg jeans. Swap the beige turtleneck with a white cable knit sweater and white jeans to add some contrast to the all white outfit. A blue mandarin collar leather jacket will work well with matching knitwear, a black ribbed top, and a leather skirt.


As mentioned earlier, an abundant variety of pants can go along attractively with a blue leather blazer or jacket. At the most basic, pair it with black skinny jeans for an infallible look. A combo of black leather pants with a striking blue colored jacket can be your go-to for a glam outfit.

Navy blue, black, and camel-colored flared trousers can form an elegant combination with the navy leather jacket as well. Wear a royal blue leather vest over grey joggers and a hoodie for a super laid-back but voguish look. Beige corduroy trousers are another street-approved staple to wear with this classic jacket.  


Your dress collection does not need to be ignored while building outfits with a blue leather jacket. A neutral-colored sweater dress in any style, printed maxi dresses, and body-con dresses in white, black, blue, and beige, can all be layered with the jacket.  


Skirts are also a styling possibility. With your darker blue jackets, black leather skirts, tennis skirts, and fish skirts can work very well. Or, you can show your high fashion sensibility by wearing a light blue moto jacket over a black top and a black floral print satin skirt.  

Skirts in brown shades and white also look nice when paired with the blue colored jacket.  


Confused about the footwear option with your blue shaded jacket ensembles? Black, white, and brown boots can never fail you. Black knee-high boots can go with your skirt and fitted pants outfits, while black suede ankle boots or Doc Martens add flair to baggy jeans outfits. If you want to add a unique choice for footwear with the blue colored jacket outfits, go for beige suede boots or matching half boots in blue. 


There are so many choices when it comes to shoes for a blue shaded jacket made of leather. You can go for tan shoes, such as loafers or ballerina flats with it, beige, black, or white pumps, black sneakers, or white sneakers to complete your look. 

Accessories with Blue Leather Jackets

To round off outfits featuring a blue colored jacket, here are some fashion accessories that you can opt for: 

  • Gold watch  
  • Gold or silver neck chains 
  • Red flat brimmed hat
  • Black leather hat 
  • Fur stole 
  • Black handbag 
  • Beige handbag 
  • Beige clutch
  • Black crochet beanie 

Outfits with Blue Leather Jackets in Different Shades 

Whether you have leather outerwear in lighter shades of blue or dark ones, we have sorted the style needs of every fashionista. Here are the outfit ideas with different shades of blue jackets. 

Women's Navy Blue Leather Jacket Outfit

Here are some ways to use the navy leather jacket as a part of your look: 

  • A boho-inspired print t shirt with a pair of distressed blue or black skinny jeans is the ideal way to show off your navy leather jacket in a complementing manner. The jacket would bring out the appeal of the print. Complete the look with a silver watch and nude-colored heels. 
  • An outfit with a yellow tennis skirt and a black top can be elevated to high fashion with an addition of a navy leather jacket made with leather. You can alternatively go for a navy blue striped turtleneck. Don black knee-high boots and pick a stylish black mini bag to finish off the look. 

Sky Blue Leather Jacket Outfits

  • Use a white ribbed peplum top and electric blue jeans as a base and elevate its style quotient instantly by wearing a quilted sky blue leather jacket. Round off with hooped earrings and white sneakers.  
  • Layer a light blue shaded jacket made with leather over a baby pink t-shirt and white slim-fit jeans. Wear white stilettos to complete the look. 

Baby Blue Leather Jacket Outfits

  • A graphic t-shirt in the same shade of blue paired with black jeans is a simple casual outfit to layer your baby blue moto jacket. Keep the touch of casualness intact with black canvas sneakers and a crossbody bag.  
  • You can also layer the baby blue jacket over a black and white printed chiffon dress. Wear black suede ankle boots with this ensemble. 

Royal Blue Leather Jacket Outfits

  • Flaunt your slim-fit capri pants in brown velvet by pairing them with a turquoise collared shirt and a royal blue blazer made of leather. A brown handbag and beige heels would round off this outfit nicely. 
  • Try layering a copper sequined blouson dress with a royal blue cropped leather jacket for an enticing party look. Sparkly champagne heels and a glam makeup look would complete the look.  

Outfit with a Dark Blue Leather Jacket

  • Slay the fall streetwear look with a midnight blue leather jacket by layering it over a printed blue skater skirt, black top, and leggings. Shiny black boots are the right footwear option for this look. 

Outfit with a Electric Blue Leather Jacket

  • Create a monotone outfit by choosing pieces in different blue hues. For instance, a royal blue turtleneck over teal tailored pants is a nice combo that you can layer with an electric blue colored leather jacket. Add some pop by wearing white chunky-soled high boots.  

Teal Leather Jacket Outfit

  • A teal jacket is a perfect way to add an appeal to a simple outfit, such as a yellow top and jeans. Add finishing touches to the look with a crochet beanie and a multi-color scarf.  


Can a blue leather jacket be dressed up or down? 

A dark-shaded blue jacket such as a navy leather jacket with minimal details can be used to dress up a casual look, such as an elegant dress or a flare pants business casual outfit. Jackets with vivid details and voguish designs are suitable to dress down casual looks, such as baggy ripped jeans and a white blouse, or an all black outfit. 

Can a blue leather jacket be worn with other leather pieces? 

The leather on leather look isn’t just for black. You can wear black, brown, or blue leather pants, leather skirts, and leather dresses with your leather dusters or leather jackets in blue.  

Can a blue leather jacket be worn with prints or patterns? 

You can mix and match prints and patterns to bring up the appeal of an outfit with a jacket in blue leather or play with different textures to create fashion-forward ensembles. 

Can a blue leather jacket be worn with dresses or skirts? 

Use a trendy blue shaded jacket made of leather to layer your stylish dresses and skirt outfits for a modern spin. The combo is perfect for blurring the lines between a casual look and an elegant style.  

What to wear with a navy blue leather jacket? 

The dark, intense hue is so easy to pair with several clothing combos that you don’t need to think much about how to wear a navy leather jacket. You can wear it over neutral-colored plain dresses, sweaters, and pants. The navy leather jacket makes a great combo with a black and white striped shirt.  

What character does a blue leather jacket represent? 

Leather jackets in lighter shades of blue emanate peace, calmness, and serenity. In comparison, those in darker shades, such as the midnight blue or navy leather jacket exude immense confidence and intelligence, qualities that can determine loyalty and dependability. 

What to wear with blue women's leather jacket for fancy style? 

For an extravagant look, pair a black peplum top with a navy blue and silver floral print skirt and black leggings. Layer it with an expensive leather jacket in blue, preferably a navy blue biker jacket and complete the look with black ankle boots and a black leather clutch.  

What color leather jacket looks best with dark blonde hair and blue eyes?  

If you have dark blonde hair and blue eyes, a jacket in baby blue color is the right option for you.  


A jacket in any shade of blue might be challenging to pair for someone who isn't well-versed in building fashionable looks yet. But if you follow the above-mentioned stylish outfits, it can be one of the most powerful style weapons in your fashion arsenal. Your best bet may be a high quality leather jacket in blue in a minimalist or sporty style, like the unisex racer jacket Steve McQueen wore in his iconic 1971 movie Le Mans. But we also suggest having a blue one with studs or quilted design from Poshele's collection to increase your styling possibilities.