The Ultimate Guide on How to Be a Baddie

The Ultimate Guide on How to Be a Baddie

Ever stopped scrolling Instagram instantly to marvel at the image of a stylishly dressed, chic woman with flawless makeup, appealing accessories, and a super confident demeanor? You probably were watching an Instagram Baddie! 

The Baddie aesthetic is one of the most famous among all aesthetics popularized by social media these days. Below, you will find the ultimate addie-style tell-all, where you would get in-depth ideas about how to be a baddie in the true sense. Plus, you can seek outfit ideas, makeup tips, and everything else to ace the trend with authenticity.  

What is Baddie Aesthetic? 

The popular aesthetic from Instagram is all about perfecting one's look with glamorous outfits, flawless makeup, and trendy accessories. The baddie aesthetic outfit often has a sporty twist, so staples such as hoodies, tracksuits, varsity jackets, and chunky sneakers are an integral part of the baddie's wardrobe.  

Back in 2016, Kylie Jenner's transformation created a buzz, as she set the bar high with her appealing curvy figure, fuller lips, and killer makeup look. Soon after, the baddie look got trending, snowballing into a full-blown aesthetic that is still hugely popular in the fashion world due to its trendiness. Products from Kylie Jenner's makeup brand are also one of the most sought-after ones by the baddie girl clan.  

Baddie style is not just about enhancing your looks to conform to conventional standards of beauty. Body positivity, being respectful, and unparalleled confidence are the real essence of this aesthetic.  

Defining the Baddie Look  

The quintessential baddie look is that of a girl looking immaculate with her well-fitted outfit, a glam makeup look that enhances her facial features, and the use of super fashionable yet suitable accessories. Baddies don't shy away from the way they look, and you can tell that by witnessing their confidence and self-assurance in every outfit that they wear. You would usually recognize a baddie girl with her voguish outfit choices, incorporating neon, pastel, and neutral hues, and often going for an oversized staple paired with a curve-hugging one.  

Ever wondered how each and every pose on the post of a baddie influencer looks perfect? A significant characteristic of the baddie look is keeping a good posture, with shoulders back and chin up.  

How to Be a Baddie? Tips for Hopping onto the Bandwagon

If you are transitioning into a baddie, the first thing you need is to develop a mindset, before moving on to grooming, selecting outfits, or makeup looks. Here are some tips to dive into the aesthetic that is currently dominating social media fashion trends. 

  • Be yourself! But the best version of yourself. Take time out for working out and eat healthily. 
  • When you cultivate self-assurance, you will ooze out the confidence that is vital for being a baddie. Be comfortable in your skin and body type, and show the exit door to any insecurities. Keep reminding yourself that being a baddie doesn't imply showing a bad attitude. 
  • Grooming, grooming, grooming! Put effort to maintain your hygiene, and follow a skincare regime.  
  • Continuing from the previous point, keep travel-size hygiene products and skin care products with you at all times. For instance, a pouch with wipes, perfume, mint gum, moisturizer, and a compact makeup kit. It will help you groom yourself wherever you go.  
  • Make sure you smell good. 
  • When building outfits, go for tight fitting clothes, such as tops, pants, and skirts. Co-ord sets are a huge trend among baddies. Layer them with trendy jackets.  
  • Ace any look with the power of accessories. Learn about the latest fashion trends in jewelry, bags, and hair accessories. 
  • Baddies love to dye their hair with bold and bright shades. You can go for highlights in a unique shade, or go for a complete color change for your hair.  

How to Act Like a Baddie? 

To act like a baddie, you need to be a baddie from within. You must have noticed the baddies on Instagram, Tiktok, or Youtube on how their bold behavior inclines towards female empowerment and determination. Just like them, you need to be serious not just about your style and goals. Level up mentally by focusing on education.  

Be authentic, without looking like you are aping someone. Maintain confident body language and communicate with people while looking into their eyes.  

And, get rid of that slouch! Just with the right posture, a baddie girl makes her outfit look 10 times more appealing than it actually is.  

Be confident in your own skin, unbothered by what others say about you. Dwelling on things that you can’t change takes away the essence of the quintessential baddie attitude. 

How to be a Baddie Girl: Insta Baddie Inspiration  

Learn how to be a baddie girl like those on Instagram. Baddie influencers on Instagram amass a huge following due to their irresistible style and attitude. They post pictures of their perfect looks, shown off with a chill attitude. They build outfits by creating a blend of street style trends and high fashion, adorning them with glamorous jewelry, hats, handbags, and makeup. Long acrylic nails, sneakers, and a gorgeous hairstyle are also some classic baddie-style things that you could try. 

Due to their passion for popular trends in fashion and a large number of followers, Insta baddies are influencers as well. Often, fashion and beauty brands pay them to promote their products.  

Baddie Aesthetic: Style Guide for the Transitioning Baddies 

Besides keeping an optimistic, confident demeanor, and staying away from unnecessary conflicts, you should pay attention to what you wear to look like a baddie. Read on to learn about the Insta baddie clothing and accessories must-haves. 

Wardrobe Staples for Baddie Aesthetic 

Most clothing essentials in a baddie's wardrobe aim at accentuating an hourglass shape. However, oversized clothing is also a major staple for this aesthetic. Baddies wear whatever they feel the most confident in, including tracksuits for a sporty edge, bodysuits, and co-ord sets. You would often spot the baddie girls wearing curve-hugging body-con dresses, or sweater dresses, styled with platform heels, pointed-toe heels, high boots, or sneakers. Here are the staples that you might want to collect to transform into a baddie.  

Shirts, Tops, Sweaters

Instagram baddie influencers frequently don fashionable tops, such as frilled tank tops, mesh tops, and crop tops in bright or pastel colors. Often, they resort to fitted turtlenecks, bodysuits, or t-shirts as a foundation for their outfits.  

They also love to style oversized t-shirts, both plain or graphic, oversized sweaters, sweatshirts, and hoodies.  

Jeans, Pants, Skirts

The popular choice for bottom wear by baddies is jogger pants, giving them the sought-after sporty vibe. They also love to style slim-fit jeans, ripped jeans, and high-waisted jeans to give an illusion of longer legs. Sometimes, they would simply wear tracksuit pants, flared yoga pants or corduroy pants with baggy sweaters.  

Leather pants are popular among baddie girls, due to the sleek and fashionable look they give. Another option for glam yet casual looks are short leggings, also known as cycling shorts.  

Short-length skirts, including pencil skirts and tennis skirts, are popular among the Insta baddie girls. 

Baddie Jackets

Nailing the baddie aesthetic is not possible without stylish outerwear, which includes cropped denim jackets, varsity jackets, or corduroy jackets. Leather jackets are an integral part of a baddie's styling, and they mostly opt for cropped shearling jackets, moto jackets, and oversized leather blazers. 


To round off their voguish outfits, a baddie mostly opts for sneakers, making it an iconic trend for this aesthetic. They go with almost any outfit with ease. Apart from sneakers, baddies also wear thigh-high or ankle boots, platform heels, and Doc Martens boots. For evening wear and party outfits, they choose to wear stilettos or high-heeled sandals embellished with rhinestones.  

Accessories Galore for the Baddie Girl

Much of the baddie aesthetic is about using accessories to enhance a look. Here are the most popular ones that define the baddie style: 

  • Sunglasses with colored lenses
  • Hooped earrings  
  • Neck chains  
  • Blingy bracelets  
  • Rhinestone jewelry and hair clips  
  • Beanies
  • Bucket hats  
  • Baseball caps 
  • Silk bandanas  
  • Belted handbags  
  • Mini handbags
  • Gold jewelry  
  • Watches  
  • Rings  

Quintessentially Baddie: Try the Baddie Makeup Look

You need to learn the basic makeup tips to get the baddie look right. As mentioned earlier, baddies focus on enhancing their facial features and love extra long nails, fluffy lashes, fuller lips, heavy highlighter, and a well-contoured face. The look is gaining popularity all over Tiktok, Instagram, and Youtube, and you can also nail it by following these tips. 

  • Defined brows are a must. Make sure you trim and shape them before trying any makeup look. Give finishing touches to fill the brow line with the help of an eyebrow pencil or pressed powder. 
  • Moisturize and prime your skin before applying foundation. 
  • Learn to contour your face, by trying different viral makeup hacks. You can do the same for blush, concealer, and highlighting. A signature baddie look always has sculpted facial features and shimmery highlights. 
  • Learn to apply winged eyeliner. Doe eyes, siren eyes, and cat eyes are the most popular styles of eyeliner applications these days.
  • Both matte and glossy lips can be done for the baddie makeup look. To achieve the signature bold lips, you may want to over-line them.  
  • Curate your makeup collection with all the products needed for a baddie look, including false lashes, the right foundation for your skin tone, highlight, blush, and contour kit, and eye-shadows and lipstick in matte and glossy colors. 

Tips to Create a No-Fail Baddie Look  

Here is a list of tips to help you create authentic baddie-inspired looks.  

  • A baddie outfit is all about embracing and showing off an hourglass shape. Go for good quality, soft shape-wear to achieve that look. 
  • If you are not someone with a penchant for fitted clothing, go subtle with an oversized and a fitted pair of clothing. Co-ord sets with a fitted top and jogger pants are a suitable choice. 
  • Don't shy away from bright, neon hues. When paired right, they give an opulent appeal and classic baddie vibes. You can opt for neutral tones clothing in the wardrobe as they are easy to pair with all other colors. 
  • Go for clothing with good quality material and silhouettes that make you look flattering. High-waisted jeans, for instance, are excellent for a slim and elongated silhouette.  
  • Use patterned clothing to your benefit. Skirts, sweaters, and pants with checks or stripes look better when paired with neon clothing.  
  • Don't neglect your hairdo as it defines the whole picture-perfect look. The luscious curls or sleek and straight hair are definitely stylish, or you can try a unique and trendy look with boxer braids, high ponytails, or space buns.  

Sub-genres of Baddie Style  

Baddie style is the trendiest of all famed aesthetics, accounting for a major part of visual content on social media. Due to this, it is often adopted in a blend of other aesthetics. Parallel aesthetics for Baddie are Barbiecore, Bimbocore, or Femme Fatale.  

The baddie aesthetic also has subgenres, where a particular style or preference is fused with the baddie look. Make sure you identify these while turning into a baddie diva. 

Luxurious Baddie  

The style is adopted by a-list celebrities and rich influencers, who wear clothing, shoes, and accessories from expensive high fashion brands, such as Nike, Adidas, Gucci, or Prada. They indulge in self-care and have a strong affinity for diamonds, blingy accessories, and faux fur clothing. 

Rihanna, Cardi B, Saweetie, and Beyonce are some of the luxurious baddies.  

Y2K Baddie  

It suddenly looks like we have been taken to the year 2000 in a time machine. Fashion trends from Y2K, such as low-top skirts and jeans,  and platform heels are all the rage. Y2K baddie is a term used for baddies who fuse the fashion trends popularized by the media in the 2000s with classic baddie style. A stylish cut-out top with coordinating low-rise bootcut jeans and a pair of chunky-soled sneakers is a prime example of this aesthetic. 

Grunge Baddie  

This style is for baddies who identify themselves as grunge aficionados at heart. They wear oversized graphic t-shirts over ripped jeans, wear a lot of metal chains, and add a baddie feel to them with the help of makeup and hairstyling.  

Soft Baddie  

The soft girl aesthetic is another hugely popular aesthetic, including pastel colors, oversized knits, light-colored baggy jeans, and cute hair accessories. You can fuse any of these features in a baddie look to be a soft baddie. You can go for a baby pink co-ord set with a matching bucket hat, and give it baddie vibes with a glam makeup look and accessories. 

Retro Baddie  

Baddies adopting trends from the later decades of the 19th century are known as retro baddies. Their main focus is to show the trends in music, fashion, and games of that era via their fashion choices. 

Vintage Baddie  

Another nostalgic subcategory of the baddie style is the vintage baddie, which has a strong appeal toward the 80s and 90s trends. Clothing such as vintage t-shirts, baggy jeans, letterman jackets, and vintage jewelry are a part of this style. 

Drugstore Queen/ Baddie on a Budget 

Although true baddies at heart, drugstore queens prefer using clothing and accessories that are inexpensive. They create similar baddie standard makeup looks, but with drugstore makeup, unlike the high-end brands.   

How to Become a Baddie on a Budget? 

If you want to become a baddie on a budget, it is definitely possible.  

The baddie style is all about making your looks appealing and your presence unique, and you don’t need to be super rich for that. Although scrolling an Insta baddie's profile would make you believe that all the glitz and glamor would require loads of money. It’s possible to embrace the baddie look by learning some tips on how to be a baddie on a budget.  

  • Explore inexpensive clothing stores that sell good quality clothing staples for baddie fashion.  
  • Take the grooming part into your own hands. With a bit of practice and learning, you can do your own nails and hair.  
  • Rather than resorting to super expensive skincare products, try DIY face packs and popular home remedies to keep your skin soft, clear, and supple. 
  • Go thrifting. You may find one of the best-looking tops, pants, and layering pieces at thrift stores, which you can then mix and match to create baddie outfits.
  • Drugstore makeup products can be as good as high-end beauty brands.  
  • Use the Black Friday and Holiday Sales to buy and store clothing, accessories, footwear, or makeup at reduced prices.   

Baddie Outfits for all Seasons  

Time for some fashionable baddie outfit tips to transform you into a baddie instantly! 

Spring/Summer Ensembles

Baddie looks for Spring and Summer are all about looking uber chic and glamorous in soft and breathable clothing, lightweight layers, and adequate accessorizing.  

You can simply pair short leggings or cycling shorts with an oversized t shirt, and add the baddie touch with chunky sneakers, a high ponytail, and hooped earrings. The outfit may be casual, but keep the glam quotient high with your baddie makeup look.  

Or, you can go for a pastel-hued floral bodycon dress, and style it with white platform heels, yellow rectangular sunglasses, and metal bracelets.  

Fall/Winter Ensembles

When the air turns chilly, elevate your style with oversized knits, cozy jackets, or tracksuits. You can wear an oversized chunky knit sweater along with faux leather leggings and ankle boots for a voguish fall outfit. The hooped earring will look good with this trendy fit.  

A black fitted turtleneck tucked inside blue slim-fit jeans and layered with a cropped leather motorcycle jacket is the ultimate winter baddie outfit. Round it off with Doc Martens boots, a black tote bag, and some layered silver neck chains.

Baddie Aesthetic Outfits: Day In-Day Out  

You can channel your inner baddie in many styles and occasions, such as casual, street style, and party looks. You can wear baddie outfits to a brunch, or even work if the dress code is not very formal.  

Laid Back Casual

When you want to stay in the same baddie style, but with subtlety, wear a white ribbed top with baggy jeans or tracksuit pants. Layer it with a denim jacket in the same shade as your jeans, or a puffer jacket. Slip-on sneakers can complete this look perfectly.  

Street Style Baddie

Baddie style is often synonymously used for fashion-forward streetwear looks. You can make an outfit street approved by pairing a neon-colored oversized t shirt with checkered flare pants and a black studded leather jacket. Wear black chunky sneakers, a bucket hat, and hooped earrings to finish off the look. 

Baddie at Work

Create a stunning work outfit by pairing a white round collared shirt neatly tucked in slim fit pants. Wear white pointed-toe heels with this baddie outfit, and go ahead with the classic baddie makeup look and hairstyling. You can even layer this outfit with an oversized beige blazer.  

Party Outfit for the Baddie Babe

Show that you are a true baddie by wearing a curve-hugging beige sequined dress at a party. Style it with a choker necklace and matching heels.  


How to become a goth baddie? 

If you want to become a goth baddie, style your baddie outfits by incorporating plaid tennis skirts, goth-style black boots, fishnet tights, arm warmers, and chained belts. You can also try goth-inspired hairstyles with jet-black hair with fringes on the front. For an added goth touch, apply dark lipstick, kohl eyes, and well-defined eyeliner.  

How to become a baddie at work? 

You can be a trendsetting boss babe by portraying your baddie style at work. Embrace self-care and flaunt your confidence at work to make your presence felt. You can try wearing baddie outfits with neutral-colored turtlenecks or collared shirts with tailored fitted pants. Layer your work appropriate baddie outfits with long coats or blazers. Don't forget to wear high heels.  

What are signs that tell if someone is a baddie? 

To tell a baddie apart from everyone else, observe their self assures demeanor, good manners, optimal self-care, and love for voguish trends. A baddie woman has a flair for perfected makeup looks, figure-hugging clothing, and an eminent choice of accessories.  

Can someone be a baddie on Instagram? 

If you want to learn how to be a baddy influencer, try getting dressed in baddie aesthetic outfits and take some good pictures of yourself. Start posting them on your Instagram handle, using baddie-inspired captions and popular hashtags. After posting regularly for some time, you will start amassing followers. 

How to be a Baddie: Summing Up  

If you find the baddie aesthetic appealing, there is detailed advice on how to adopt it. Whether you want to embrace the right attitude, need outfit ideas, or baddie makeup tips, we have all of it sorted in the above sections. Make sure to refer to this blog for any guidance while you transition into this much-famed fashion aesthetic.  

If you define yourself as a baddie and decide to adopt this style, we strongly recommend that you take a look at some of our outfits.