How to Style a Brown Leather Jacket?

How to Style a Brown Leather Jacket?

Leather jackets in shades of brown have always been a popular choice. Due to their absolute warmth and versatility, brown leather jackets sweep the men’s fashion arena even today. They have always been men’s wardrobe mainstays, so it's good to learn how to style a brown leather jacket.  

While the black jacket made of leather is a timeless staple that can be a frequent pick for layering, the masculinity and appealing vibes of a brown jacket are unparalleled. They can give you a variety of looks, be it a refined look, a rugged look, or a contemporary street style look. Read on to learn how to style a brown leather jacket. 

Origin of Brown Leather Jacket  

Tree barks and leaves were initially used for tanning leather, giving it a rich brown color. Fighter pilots during the First World War were the first ones to wear brown colored jackets made of leather. Even with an array of colored jackets around today, brown leather jackets still hold significant space due to their splendid look and versatility.  

Celebrities such as Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt eventually immortalized the brown leather jacket by wearing it with absolute aplomb in their hit movies. Besides Hollywood stars, famous music icons, sports stars, and social media sensations have all flaunted dapper looks in brown leather jackets to give us style inspiration.   

The Types of Brown Leather Jackets  

If you are about to buy a brown leather jacket, you can be confused about which type would suit your personal style. Every style gives a specific look, so choose wisely: 

  • Leather Biker Jacket 

Classic but edgy leather biker jackets in brown are the ultimate solution to your fashion forward streetwear looks.  

  • Leather Bomber Jacket 

Bomber jackets in brown color were quintessentially the prototype of jackets made with leather and are still conquering the men’s fashion scape.  

  • Leather Racer Jacket 

Don this minimalist design jacket over everyday wear or even business casual looks. 

  • Flight Jacket 

The flight jacket is an iteration of the bomber jacket and is a fur-lined insulating jacket with a notch lapel collar and a boxy silhouette.  

  • Leather Blazer  

Nothing can be better than a well-fitted brown leather blazer for those refined looks.  

  • Leather Coat  

A brown leather coat is a must-have in every man's wardrobe. Besides keeping you warm, they give a dashing look that appeals to the eye. 

  • Hooded Leather Jacket 

Want something comfortable yet uber stylish to layer streetwear or activewear ensembles? Wear a brown hooded leather jacket.  

What to Wear with a Brown Leather Jacket to Complete Your Desired Style/Look?  

Men need to consider a few things when planning to wear a brown leather jacket. Be it the type of jacket, its shade, or the colors that would complement it, everything plays a decisive role. Also, consider the level of casualness needed, the outfit's silhouette, footwear, and accessorizing to ensure your brown jacket look is perfect.  

What Do You Wear Under a Brown Leather Jacket? 

Try these no-fail brown leather jacket outfits in different styles.  

Classic Style  

An effortlessly cool look with a grey checked collared shirt and grey jeans, completed with a cedar-shade leather biker jacket. The classic look can be completed with brown high-top boots and a leather strap watch.

Streetwear Style  

Here’s a grunge-inspired streetwear outfit. Opt for a red and black flannel over ripped jeans and style it with a brown jacket with a fur collar. A beanie and mocha-shaded laced boots will round off this look with ease.


Business Casual Look  

Use a classic wood-shaded shirt jacket made with leather to create a refined look perfect for the business casual dress code. Just pair it with a dark grey crewneck sweater and navy blue chinos, and finish off with brown double monk shoes.  


Minimalist Style  

You only need a white t-shirt and black jeans to let your minimalist brown flight leather jacket steal the attention. Complete your look with accessories like a watch and shades, and go for sleek black leather ankle boots with the look. 


Vintage Style  

Look like you time-traveled from the 70s by wearing corduroy pants in beige with an off-white shirt. Layer with a brown vintage leather jacket and distressed leather boots.

Modern Look  

Ace the modern look in the frigid weather by donning a black twill shirt and skinny black jeans. Layer it with a stylish fleece lined shirt style leather jacket in brown. A wool scarf, black Chelsea boots, and sunglasses will complete this look.

Styling Brown Leather Jacket with a Shirt

A variety of casual wear shirts can be layered under a brown colored jacket. The trendiest option that shows your style prowess is a light brown jacket with a white shirt, worn casually with grey jeans.


A brown colored jacket with casual t-shirts in sophisticated colors and minimalistic patterns can be an appealing combo. Similarly, a plain white round neck t-shirt can also be good enough to make you stand out. For the colder days, swap the t-shirt and casual shirts with a turtleneck layered under the brown leather jacket.


Styling Brown Jacket with a Denim 

A solid-colored t-shirt and a pair of jeans are the easiest picks when showing off your splendid brown jacket. It goes well with all sorts of jeans, but a jacket in brown with black jeans looks phenomenal.

You can also wear different shades of blue jeans and even denim shorts with a lightweight leather jacket in brown for summer. 

What Color Pants go With a Brown Jacket? 

Surprisingly, pants in various colors go well with a brown leather jacket. Brown jacket with black pants and chinos are a clear choice due to the classy look they create. Additionally, navy and grey pants with a brown shaded jacket in the right silhouette can also look good.

To diversify your bottom wear options, go for pants in a different shade of brown than your jacket to create a monotone outfit. Experiment with neutral greens, blues, and off-white pants, as they can often portray a refined look with a jacket in brown. 

What Color Shoes to Wear with a Brown Leather Jacket? 

When it comes to shoes, consider the color of your pants as well, along with the brown jacket. Brown shoes will always give a unified look, but you can also try wearing white trendy sneakers or lighter shades of grey if your pants or jeans are in a darker tones.

A Brown Jacket with black shoes can be an option if wearing charcoal grey or light grey pants. If wearing black or navy pants, consider wearing a brown jacket with grey shoes, such as loafers or slip on sneakers.

What Color Boots to Wear with a Brown Leather Jacket?

Boots are an obvious choice when wearing leather outerwear in earthy shades as they put a seal on the rugged feel. You can wear a stylish jacket in brown with black boots to nail classy street style and smart casual looks. Or a brown leather jacket pairs well with brown boots in a similar or different shade.

What Colors Match Brown?

When pairing different clothing staples, footwear, and accessories with a jacket in a shade of brown, try light browns, tans, or other warm hues such as orange, rust, mustard, and red. Sepia, beige, olive, and cream colors also complement brown. 

When it comes to cool hues, blue, grey, or white work well with brown jackets, and so do different shades of green, such as army green, forest green, or fern green. Pairing black with brown will never give you a bad look, as the combo is proven to look pleasing. 


Are Brown Leather Jackets in Style? 

Yes, brown jackets made of leather, like they always have been, are trending in contemporary fashion and loved by fashion-savvy men and women worldwide.

What Colors go with a Brown Leather Jacket? 

Black, off-white, beige, tan, burgundy, blue, and rust clothing and accessories complement a brown leather jacket. 

What Color Pants go with a Brown Leather Jacket? 

You can choose grey, white, black, beige, and other neutral-colored pants to pair with a brown jacket. 

Can You Wear a Shirt with a Brown Leather Jacket? 

Yes, different types of casual shirts, such as white or navy blue, look good under a brown jacket. Or, you can go for patterned shirts in warm hues.  

Can You Wear Black Shoes with a Brown Leather Jacket? 

A brown jacket outfit can easily be rounded off with black shoes and boots.  

Can You Wear a Brown Leather Jacket if you are Over 50?

Men of all ages can wear leather jackets in earthy shades. If you are over 50, wear a brown jacket with collared shirts and sophisticated jeans. 

Can You Wear a Brown Leather Jacket if you are Over 40?

Yes, a brown leather jacket outfit looks appropriate on mature men and younger lads.

Can You Wear Black Pants with a Brown Jacket? 

Black pants, chinos, trousers, and jeans are an infallible option to be paired with a brown leather jacket. 

Can You Wear a Brown Leather Jacket with Brown Pants?

Go for a different (preferably lighter) shade of brown if wearing a brown jacket to create an interesting look. 

What Color Shoes Go with a Brown Leather Jacket? 

Black, grey, brown, white, and beige shoes look good with a brown leather jacket ensemble.  


Once purely utilitarian, brown leather jackets eventually garnered scope into fashion and are a wardrobe must-have for versatility. We have laid down several ideas for you so that you can get the desired information and inspiration on how to put together a brown leather jacket outfit.