Women's Guide on How to Wear A Red Leather Jacket

Women's Guide on How to Wear A Red Leather Jacket

Leather jackets hold an important place in the realm of women's fashion. One can never imagine the street style as edgy as it is now without the use of exquisite leather jackets. Thankfully, we have a lot of options for the leather jacket, with styles and colors as diverse as any other type of clothing in women's wear. Under the spotlight today, is the incredibly eye-catching red leather jacket for women. From the season based suggestions on what to wear with a red leather jacket, to a variety of staples that pair well with it, you will find abundant inspiration from this blog post.

Women opt for leather jackets not just for their unparalleled look, but also for their durability, warmth, and versatility. They are indeed a timeless piece, never going out of fashion. While a black or brown leather jacket can be termed quintessentially classic, opting for a red one lets you portray your confident and sassy side. It is an intense hue, giving a bold and appealing look.

There are a few things to consider when building a red leather jacket outfit for women. Neutral pants, dresses, tops, and skirts are your best bet, but that doesn't mean you can not pair them with any other colors. Read on to learn how to wear a red leather jacket to do justice to its remarkable style.  

How to Wear with a Red Leather Jacket in Every Season

You can keep the red leather jacket in rotation all year round, as there are so many ways to style it season after season.  

Here are the best ideas to curate season appropriate red leather jacket outfits.  


The vibrant shades of red go nicely with the peppy vibes of spring. Pair your red leather jacket with frilled tops, floral dresses, flowy skirt outfits, and printed jumpsuits to nail the spring look.  

Nothing can beat a black floral sundress paired with a red leather jacket and a hat on a warm spring afternoon. You can wear red leather sandals with this outfit to complete the look.


The arrival of summer doesn't mean that you can put your striking red leather jacket away. In fact, a lightweight red leather jacket or a leather vest is an ideal layering option if temperatures take a leap in the evening. You can create chic red leather jacket outfits with short length skirts, shorts, or lightweight dresses.  

A loose fitting cotton sundress can instantly be upgraded into chic attire with a bright red leather blazer. The outfit is such a breeze to put together, but is a sure shot way to elevate your style quotient in the warm weather.  


Nothing screams fall fashion louder than leather wear in intense hues such as red. Your red leather jacket will come in handy to layer sweaters and jeans, faux leather pants outfits, and knitted dresses. It will look incredibly voguish with a pair of red boots. You can create an awe inspiring fall ensemble with a burnt orange ribbed mock neck sweater and black jeans and infuse the chic vibes with a burgundy biker jacket. Round off the outfit with fashionable shades, black booties, and a black tote bag. 


There is no dearth of layering options for women in winter, but our outerwear collection usually consists of coats and jackets in neutral colors. Opting for a red leather jacket is a splendid way to revamp your winter style, giving a pop of color to your outfits.  

You can wear a red cable knit sweater with navy blue slim fit jeans and top it off with a red racer jacket. A cream woolen scarf around the neck and suede off white boots will give the perfect final touches to this winter outfit. 

Styling a Red Leather Jacket in Different Aesthetics 

Each woman has her unique style and a penchant for particular aesthetics. Some may like it funky, and hence opt for artsy or boho styles. In contrast, others love the muted looks of the norm core or smart casual style. If you think you have an affinity for a particular aesthetic, we suggest trying an outfit or two and then embracing it completely after deciding whether it looks good on you.  

Unlike the preconceived notion, the red leather jacket lends itself to a variety of aesthetics, establishing its versatility. Here are the dynamic looks you can create with the red leather jacket in different styles. 


If you think your soul is one from the bygone eras, the vintage style may be the right one for you. A vintage style red leather jacket can be a maroon oversized leather blazer, a biker jacket with structured shoulders, or a red varsity jacket. You can also merge one or two vintage style elements with a few contemporary trends to create a distinctive look. 

Don a cream turtleneck along with a vintage snakeskin print wide legged pants and layer the ensemble with a cropped red leather jacket. Add some more bygone era vibes with funky cat eye shades, and you are set to go. 


The use of fringes, patterns, textured clothing, and other unconventional trends teamed up in a relaxed style defines the Boho style.   

Mostly earthy tones are associated with the Boho style, but it is not uncommon to incorporate fiery hues, such as red and orange, in a boho outfit. You can pair an off white t-shirt dress with black leggings and a fringed red leather jacket for a boho chic look. Wrap a multi-color scarf around your neck to infuse the quintessential colorful hint to the outfit. Round off the look with black ankle boots.  


If you are a sporty style girl, you will love to create athleisure outfits with your red leather jacket. Opt for a red bomber style jacket, or a varsity jacket in a similar hue and pair it with yoga pants, track pants, and hoodies to put together athleisure outfits.  

Try wearing a red leather jacket over a cream hoodie and slim fit yoga pants. A baseball cap and chunky soles sneakers would complete the outfit. 

Street Style

A red leather jacket gives you a perfect option to slay the street casual look, and that too with minimal effort. While you can look extra edgy by pairing your red leather jacket with a crop top, baggy jeans, and combat boots, we would suggest another slightly toned down, girl, next door vibe outfit for your street look.  

Wear a Breton striped t-shirt along with distressed blue jeans and red pumps. Layer the outfit with a cropped biker jacket in red to elevate the style meter reading. 


Neat, put-together preppy outfits are all the rage these days. The style originated from the Ivy League college students back in the early 1900s, who teamed up expensive clothing to form polished looks. If you want a red leather jacket outfit in preppy fashion, you can think of a plaid tennis skirt and collared shirt fusion. Opt for a white button down shirt and a dark red and blue plaid tennis skirt, layered with a burgundy biker jacket. Wear knee high boots in black to finish the look.   

Biker Core

The biker core trend re-surged recently, with celebrities and influencers giving a major dose of fashion inspiration with leather motorcycle jackets, faux leather pants, biking gloves, and helmets. The extra pop of color, either with neon stripes or bright colors is also a part of this aesthetic, giving your red leather a time to shine again.   

For a biker inspired look, wear a black corset top along with faux leather leggings and your red biker jacket, and complete the look with high heeled ankle boots.  


To slay the revived trend of punk fashion, you can wear a white t-shirt along with black and white tiger striped leggings, and don a red leather jacket over it. The addition of punk accessories, such as chains and black bondage boots would spice up your outfit.  


Another throwback aesthetic that is again making waves in contemporary fashion is the Grunge style. If you want to dress up in Grunge fashion, team up a red and black plaid skirt, a black t-shirt, and leggings with your stylish red leather jacket and chunky soled combat boots.  

Clothing Pieces That Go Well with the Red Leather Jacket

While the ensemble ideas in different aesthetics are your best bet to bring out your real persona with a red leather jacket, you may be looking for a list of clothing items that would infallibly pair with the red leather jacket. This is more like curating a wardrobe around your jacket, making it a statement piece that defines your style. To make things easier for you, we have enlisted the best clothing essentials that you can wear with your red leather jacket.  

Types of Dresses to Wear with a Red Leather Jacket

A red leather jacket looks best with the following dress styles: 

  • The little black dress in fit and flare or body-con style. 
  • A floral maxi dress.
  • Body-con midi dresses in neutral colors, or complementing hues such as blue and light pink. 
  • Neutral colored sweater dresses in different styles.  
  • Sundress. 
  • Black, white, beige, brown, or a pink jumpsuit. 

Types of Pants to Wear with a Red Leather Jacket

The sky's the limit when it comes to the styles of pants that give an eye pleasing look with the red jacket. But here is our take on the best ones that would rock. 

  • Mom jeans  
  • High waisted baggy jeans 
  • Bootleg jeans
  • Cargo jeans 
  • Ankle length flare jeans 
  • Slim fit jeans 
  • Flare pants in neutral colors 
  • Wide legged pants/culottes
  • Tailored pants 
  • Black faux leather pants 
  • Denim shorts 

Types of Skirts to Wear with a Red Leather Jacket

  • A floral maxi skirt  
  • Pleated midi skirts in neutral hues 
  • Black leather skirt 
  • Tennis skirt 
  • Animal print pencil skirts
  • Plaid skirts  
  • Full circle skirt in red 

Types of Tops to Wear with a Red Leather Jacket

When it comes to creating an outfit, tops and shirts are the foundation piece, a decisive factor for a stylish look. Try the following tops for your red leather jacket outfits. 

  • Red, white, or beige blouson top 
  • Crop tops in different colors and prints 
  • Black corset top  
  • Neutral colored henley tops 
  • Collared shirts. (Light colored, striped, plaid, and white collared shirts)
  • Plain t-shirts in neutral colors 
  • Black and white striped tops 
  • Silk tunics 
  • Hoodies 
  • Sweatshirts in pastels and neutral colors
  • Black turtleneck 

Types of Shoes to Wear with a Red Leather Jacket

There are so many types of shoes that can go well with a red leather jacket outfit, depending upon the level of formality. Red footwear gives a cohesive look, but you can also safely style it with black shoes, and even printed shoes. For casual red leather jacket outfits, you can consider the following options. 

  • Black combat boots
  • Black knee high boots 
  • Red ankle boots 
  • Red ankle boots 
  • Sneakers 
  • Loafers
  • Converse shoes 
  • Red ballet flats 

 For dressy outfits with your red leather jackets, choose any of the following. 

  • Pumps and stilettos in red, black, or white and black prints.
  • Black Lita boot
  • Gladiator heels in black 
  • Leather t-strap heels 
  • Red platform heeled sandals 

Types of Accessories to Wear with a Red Leather Jacket

Accessories cannot be overlooked as they play a major role in pulling together the kind of look that you want. You can create a cohesive look with red accessories, such as bags, hats, and jewelry. But black is also a great option. Play with prints and patterns, such as snakeskin, tiger stripes, leopard prints, plain stripes, polka dots, chevron, or paisley print accessories. Carefully choose the finishing pieces for an outfit with a red leather jacket.  

  • Cat eye shades in bright colors for a funky look 
  • Black wayfarer style shades 
  • Red or black belt
  • Hats in neutral colors 
  • Printed scarves 
  • Statement necklaces 
  • Black tote bag 
  • Red bags (shoulder bag, crossbody bags, clutch)
  • Metal jewelry 
  • Black arm warmers 
  • Baseball caps for a sporty look 

Caring for Your Red Leather Jacket

Wearing a red leather jacket in many different ways is only possible if you care for it in the proper manner. Clean your red leather jacket and follow route conditioning as explained by leather care professionals. A well maintained jacket is a sure shot way to enhance your style. Here are a few points to remember: 

  • Avoid letting your jacket soak, as it will cause permanent damage to leather 
  • Clean it with a mild leather oil dabbed over a cotton pad.
  • Apply a leather conditioner once every six months
  • Hang your jacket in a dust proof cover to keep it safe
  • Avoid sunlight as the red color would fade.

It's a Wrap

Styling a red leather jacket is not a complicated task, especially if you know what staples to pair with it. After investing in a splendid red leather jacket, follow our guidelines to create outfits that will make you look drop-dead gorgeous.