Leather Jacket Hardware: Choosing a Leather Jacket Zipper

Leather Jacket Hardware: Choosing a Leather Jacket Zipper

When we buy a leather jacket, we often ignore checking its zipper. The feature does not play a role in adding appeal to your jacket but is quite substantial in adding years to it. In fact, it is one of the telling features of a quality jacket. Low standard zipper made of plastic or those that get stuck rather than running smoothly are a sign of a compromise on the manufacturer's part. 

When it comes to selecting a fastener for your jacket, buttons can also be an option apart from a zipper. In this blog, we will discuss the significance and types of leather jacket zippers and buttons. 

Choosing Hardware for Leather Jackets: Zipper or Buttons?

If you care about the quality of your leather jacket, sturdy hardware is one of the most important factors to consider. Hardware is an umbrella term for buttons and zipper used in leather outerwear for men and women. Any additional detail like a belt buckle or snaps are also included in hardware 

You need to be mindful of zipper and buttons while buying a ready made jacket, as well as while getting one custom made. With ready to wear options, check the sturdiness of the zipper by opening and closing it a few times. If it is smooth and effortless, the jacket will probably last for years to come. If it gets jammed and feels hard to move, it's better to refrain from it.  

While buying online, you will only get to check the zipper once it arrives after shipping, so choose a reliable brand that uses good standard hardware. 

Leather Jacket Button Types

If the leather jacket has a buttoned closure, the look is more traditional. A buttoned closure can also give a slightly more formal look. 

Different types of jacket buttons are available, including those made with silver, brass, or aluminum. The leather jacket buttons can be studs or snaps. If a button comes off, it is easy to replace it with a new one, unlike replacing the complete zipper. 

Leather Jacket Zipper Types

The leather jacket zippers are made with different materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, nickel, brass, and plastic. Avoid plastic zipper for your leather jacket, and prefer metal ones as they are rugged and last long. 

YKK zippers are considered the gold standard in the leather jacket zippers category. If a brand uses YKK brass, nickel or stainless steel zippers in a leather jacket, it indicates dependable quality. The zippers from YKK have a self lubrication characteristic which makes them even smoother with time, increasing the life of the jacket.  

Benefits of Using a Zipper for Leather Jackets 

Whether its for men or women, zipper is the preferred choice for front closure of a leather jacket. Rather than popping and fastening button after button, pulling the zipper up or down is more convenient.  

This specifically goes for fall and winter jackets, when you don’t want your jacket to come undone while being active. The zipper of your jacket closed up to the collar will act as a barrier to keep you warm and snug by keeping cold air at bay. Additionally, you can wear the jacket unzipped if it’s not too cold, like in the start of winter or fall.  

Zippers are an appropriate front closure choice for a fitted jacket for women, providing a better silhouette when zipped as compared to jackets with a buttoned closure. 

Zipped Pockets, Sleeves and Front Closures 

Zippers are used for more than just the front closure of the leather jacket. They can also be present on sleeves and pockets. The function of sleeve zippers is to make the jacket sleeves fitted. In case you need to pull the sleeves up, you can unzip the sleeves to do so. 

Zipped pockets on a leather jacket can be small ones to keep a small object such as a key, or they can be a few inches long. 

Custom Options for Leather Jacket Zippers  

Going for custom leather jackets gives you the additional benefit of choosing whichever type of zipper you like. At Poshele, we use the finest YKK zippers on our jackets, including custom leather jackets, and you can choose the hardware on the jacket by yourself. 

Before shipping the custom jacket to you, we will send you close up pictures in which you can assess the look of the zipper. However, we assure that we only use hardware of the best standard, and you won't be disappointed with the zipper and anything else once your jacket reaches your doorstep after shipping. 


Can You Fix a Broken Zipper on a Leather Jacket? 

Zipper issues in leather jackets are common, and you can fix them easily without having to replace them with a new zipper. With the help of needle nose pliers, remove the stopper of the zipper. Pull out the zipper pull, and adjust it. Pull it back on the zipper and fix the stopper. You can also just replace the old zipper pull by getting a new one in same size. 

Rubbing a bar of soap or some Vaseline is an easy way to make the zip smooth. Pull the zipper up to the collar and down completely a few time to make it run smooth. 

Why Do Some Leather Jackets Have Two Zippers? 

Two zippers on a jacket are called dual zippers, which can be opened and closed from both sides. It allows you to unzip the bottom to allow ease of sitting without the jacket bunching up on the torso.  


Leather jacket zippers may seem insignificant, but these not-so-trivial elements add to the quality and life of our jacket. Choosing a good zipper will make wearing the jacket more convenient for you. A poor quality jacket zipper would hinder the splendid experience of wearing a leather jacket and cause annoyance which can be easily avoided.