What is a Moto Jacket? And how to Style it?

What is a Moto Jacket? And how to Style it?

Some wardrobe cornerstones never disappoint you in terms of function and fashion. The motorcycle jacket is one such clothing piece. The strongest style statements you can ever make are often with these edgy jackets, so it's good to get a comprehensive insight about these.

If you want to know what a moto jacket is, how you can pick one, and different ways to style it, you have just landed on the right page.

What is a Moto Jacket?

A Moto jacket is a waist length jacket made with real leather, suede, vegan leather, polyester, or nylon, although the real leather jacket in moto style is the most sought after one. It has a quintessential snap button collar and asymmetrical zipper closure. It also goes by the names biker jacket, motorcycle jacket, or cafe racer (which is a design iteration of the popular style). The design of the moto jacket may be quilted or adorned with embellishments to elevate the style.

Biker jackets or moto jackets are not just popular among motorcyclists. It is also the go-to choice for punk followers, rock lovers, and people who have a knack for high fashion.

Origin of the Moto Jacket and its Inclusion in Women's Fashion

They may look absolutely fashion forward, but it is true that moto jackets are not a new fad that dominates outerwear fashion today. The historical account of this jacket tells us how this jacket originated due to a subculture and soon became trending as a fashionable wardrobe staple, initially for men and later for women.

Irving Schott is the one from the Schott brothers duo who came up with the motorcycle jacket's design. He designed a durable, stylish and protective Schott Perfecto leather jacket in 1928.

A jacket for biking enthusiasts in the earlier decades, the moto jacket became immensely popular thanks to Marlon Brando, who wore it stylishly in his biker subculture movie The Wild One, released in 1953. It was in the 60s that the moto jacket became a part of women's fashion, thanks to one of Yves Saint Laurent's collections of which it was a part.

Ever since then, the classy look of the leather jacket and its massive popularity among celebrities have made it an integral part of fashion, and it never goes out of style.

Features of a Women's Moto Jacket

It is the features of the motorcycle jacket that make it an incredible fusion of functions and style. The design of the jacket is definitely the work of a creative mind who perfectly crafted a garment that solves many issues the bikers face while making them look absolutely fashionable at the same time. Below are the standard features present in a moto leather jacket. Although quintessential, many of these characteristics may or may not be present in the contemporary moto jacket variations.


Moto jackets are quintessentially short and fitted, with a silhouette that gives you a flattering look. Design variations may include oversized biker leather jackets or cropped motorcycle jackets.

Waist belt

The belt at the waist of a biker jacket is to keep the jacket cinched at the waist no matter how much range of movement is required. The feature is very helpful for bikers.

Snap Buttoned Wide Collar

The wide lapels and coined collars of the moto jacket are symbolic of its design. The metal snaps keep the collars held down if the biker is riding at high speed.

Belted Sleeves

Like the belted waist, the belted sleeves are also a very helpful feature of the moto jackets, keeping your arms warm as the sleeves fit snugly. Many modern designs use zippers on the sleeve cuffs instead of snapped belts.

Asymmetrical Zipper

A higher level of protection and windproofing is provided to the biker with a diagonal zipper instead of the usual straight front zipper. It also gives the jacket its edgy look.


The moto or biker jacket can have vertical or horizontal zipped pockets, slant zipped pockets, or flapped pockets to carry objects easily.

Style Variations of the Motorcycle Jacket

There are various styles of the moto leather jacket that you can select based on your preferred style and requirements. They can be different in terms of material and style, color, or design elaboration.

Double Rider Jacket

The biker jacket is the most famous in the sassy double rider style, which has the same elements as the original Schott Perfecto from the early 1900s. It has a belted waist, asymmetric zipper, shoulder epaulets, snap collar and sleeves, plus zipper pockets.

Cafe Racer

The cafe racer style leather jacket is a type of biker jacket with a minimalist design as opposed to the edgy double rider. It features a vertical zipper, a mandarin collar with a snap, and snap buckled sleeves. The design of the cafe racer makes it highly versatile, and you can wear it with almost any casual and smart casual outfit.

Cafe Racer Jacket Vs Moto Jacket

The cafe racer style jacket might be the right option for women looking for a minimalist, sleek look. The design components are not too edgy, such as the no fuss front vertical zipper or the presence of a mandarin or shirt collar.

The double rider style Moto leather jacket is excellent for adding oomph to an outfit. The fashionable look of the moto jacket makes it befitted for the contemporary street style. It is also the go to outerwear for subcultures from the past that are resurging nowadays, such as the punk style or grunge aesthetic.

Cropped Moto Jacket

The design of the cropped moto jacket is similar to a double rider, and the only difference is that it ends at the narrowest part of your waist. Cropped garments are all the rage currently, and the cropped moto jacket is excellent at spicing up your street style looks.

Biker Coat

Longer in length and with the typical silhouette of a coat, the biker coats are a trendy style among leather coats. The collar and sleeves style is similar to that of a  cafe racer or a double rider, and there is a waist belt to tie around.

Armored Moto Jacket

The primary function of the moto jackets was to keep the motorcyclists protected and reduce the chances of injury and impact in case of an accident. For this purpose, manufacturers now use CE armors around shoulders, elbows and on the back of the leather jacket.

Difference Between Functional Moto Jackets and Fashion Moto Jacket

Moto jackets come in a variety of styles, and all of them come under the umbrella of functional or fashion moto jackets.

A functional moto jacket has all the protective features for wind proofing and impact reduction, such as buckled sleeves, armors, and a snug fit. On the other hand, fashion moto jackets do not necessarily have protective features. They can be fitted, cropped, or oversized, purely for style purposes. Fashion leather jacket in biker style can also have embellishments such as studs, pins, embroidery, quilted design, or fringes on it.

How to Choose Your Moto Jacket?

When you are looking for that perfect moto jacket to elevate your style, many factors are essential to consider:

  1. Set a budget for your purchase. It’s not necessary to get a good quality genuine leather jacket only from high end, luxury brands for thousands of dollars. Direct to consumer brands, such as Poshele, can provide you with exquisite quality for your money.
  2. Make sure the material of your jacket is durable and comfortable (more information on that in a while).
  3. Pick a color that goes with your personality and the clothing staples in your current wardrobe.
  4. You must get a jacket that fits you perfectly. Analyze the size chart to pick the right size, or order a made to measure jacket. You can also go for a custom leather jacket option to get a bespoke moto style jacket.

How to Identify Good Quality Leather?

If you are going for a suede or a leather moto jacket, the quality of the leather will play a massive role in making you comfortable. Every motorcycle jacket material has its own pros and cons, so your specific preferences and requirements matter. There would be a lot of off the rack jackets that may look great and online stores that might loot your money and provide a jacket made with low grade material. Here are a few pointers to look for so that you choose the highest quality leather for your jacket.

  • Top quality full grain leather feels smooth and flexible and has a particular grainy texture that faux leather or vegan leather lacks.
  • Genuine leather is made with animal hides and has a particular smell that distinguishes it from faux leather.
  • Full grain leather feels warm while faux leather feels cold.
  • Besides the material, the stitching quality should also be fine, as that ensures the longevity of your jacket.

Suede Moto Jackets or Leather Moto Jackets?

The fuzzy nap of the suede moto jackets is undeniably irresistible and warm, making the suede moto jacket a worthwhile choice. Suede is the downside of the animal hide, as opposed to leather which is the outer surface of the hide. A leather moto jacket gives you unparalleled shine, smoothness, and flexibility. When it comes to maintenance, leather jackets are easier to maintain than suede moto jackets, making the former a feasible option if you are an adventurous biking aficionado.

Moto Style Jacket: The Epitome of Versatility


If you want to know what to wear with a moto jacket, there are numerous outfit ideas with it that you can follow. The silhouette of the jacket is not restrictive, and you get the added benefit of easy pairing if you go for one in neutral color, such as black, brown, white, or grey.

What to Wear with a Moto Jacket?

To elevate the simplicity of jeans and a t-shirt, you can wear a moto jacket over it. Or, you can layer it with outfits including leather pants, flared pants, culottes, and a variety of casual trousers. The particular style of the moto jacket lends itself to all sorts of dresses, such as a slip dress or a maxi dress, jumpsuits, and skirt outfits.

How to Style a Moto Leather Jacket for Women?

The moto jacket can safely be termed year-round wardrobe staple, given that the material and lining are weather-appropriate. A goat leather jacket lined with lightweight polyester is easily wearable in moderately warm weather.

In contrast, you can go for fur lined, fleece lined, or a shearling biker jacket made with cowhide or sheepskin in the cold weather. Here are some no fail outfit ideas with the moto jacket:

Spring/Summer Moto Jacket Outfits

  • Enliven the true spring vibes with a yellow and white slip dress and layer it with a cropped white leather jacket in moto style. You can complete the look with a straw hat, white platform heeled sandals, and flower shaped earrings.
  • Go for a short light blue denim romper, white sneakers, and wear a moto jacket in light grey shade. The high rise ponytail will complete this fabulous look effortlessly.
  • A black lace top with a white tennis skirt is a ravishing combo, which can be further elevated with a black moto jacket. Round off the look with black mules.
  • A basic white tank top paired with blue mom jeans and a pink moto leather jacket is a perfect way to spend a casual day with friends. Wear white leather heels to complete this look.

Fall/Winter Moto Jacket Outfits

  • Can an all leather look ever go out of style? It certainly won’t, and you can give your own spin to it by pairing black leather cinched hem trousers with a white crop top and a black leather moto jacket. Just put on your t-strap heels, and this stylish outfit is complete.
  • A grey turtleneck and a matching knitted skirt can turn into an edgy ensemble with a black moto jacket. Make sure you wear grey or black suede booties with this outfit to give a style packed finishing touch.
  • In the harshly cold weather, go for a black turtleneck and blue slim fit jeans and wear a moto jacket in a grey color with fur lining. You can wear a wool coat over the leather jacket if additional layering is needed, and opt for knee high boots in grey color.


How Should a Moto Jacket Fit?

Snug fitted moto jackets are your best bet as long as they allow you to move comfortably. A fitted moto jacket provides the warmth, protection, and sleek look which it is known for.

Will Moto Jackets Go Out of Style?

The design of the moto jacket always feels like it is a new and fashionable style that just got trending. So many decades have passed, and it is still hugely popular among all genders, proving that it will stay on top of trends.

How to Style a Black Moto Jacket?

A motorcycle jacket in black is incredibly versatile. It lends itself to almost all your t-shirts and jeans, tops, dresses, skirts, and a variety of jeans and pants in neutral colors. You can wear a moto jacket in black over printed clothing staples and neon clothing.

How Can You Style a Suede Moto Jacket?

Style a black suede moto jacket by wearing it with a peplum top in a bright color and black leggings. A light brown suede jacket pairs well with a black t-shirt and black slim fit jeans. Carry a black handbag with this outfit to create a fashionable look.

How Can You Style a Moto Jacket if You are Above 40?

You can wear a moto jacket if you are over 40 and still look graceful. Wear a blouson dress in any neutral color along with ankle boots and layer the ensemble with a black quilted moto jacket.

What Color Moto Jacket Should I Buy?

The choice of color for your moto jacket can be purely according to your desire or keeping your current wardrobe staples in mind. If you have a lot of bright colored clothing, go for a neutral colored jacket to ensure versatility. You can additionally go for colored biker jackets to raise your sartorial prowess even more.

It's a Wrap

The need to layer up doesn't have to be done at the cost of compromising style, and moto jackets exemplify this statement. This is an all-inclusive blog post on information and suggestions about the moto jacket. Apart from the origin and types of the moto jackets, we have also given you styling suggestions so that you can nail this classic piece of clothing in several ways.